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inextricable art

ruderal rift



i keep my life private, but i share where i place my attention:

wordplays, metareferences, relational ecologies and relational tending, patterns or their lack and lack of words for patterns, power and coercive dynamics, paradigm cracks and paradigm shifts, my bodymind, the communities i am part of, unlearning hierarchical dichotomies, and more that i cannot recall at the moment.

what is inextricable art?

  • inextricable art: inextricably done

    inextricable art: inextricably done

    one day i decided to “conceptually” map all the projects i have done, texts i have written, topics i have researched, practices i wanted to implement, services i wanted to offer, things i wanted to do. it proved to be a difficult task because of the interconnections and overlaps between topics and categories, techniques and…

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